Advance Technology

Geraldine E. Patacsil

AdministrativeAide VI

Today, communication methods are becoming more diverse as technology advances. Everybody has the advance technology and aims to have some high technology gadgets. Internet has become mainstream as a mean of communication.

Surfing the internet completes a Player day of a millennials. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more becomes part of their living. Playing mobile games such as Mobile Legends and Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) made the millennials more addictive in using gadgets. They start their day looking for their phone before they finally get up. Playing some music while going in their respective dest that a millennials person does.

In accordance to 1999 and 26, s. 2000 D epEd O rder No. 83, s m, which prohibits the using cellular phones during class hours ination. These are some of the activities . 2003 R eiteration to DECS o rders nos. 70, s. students of elementary and secondary schools from . Student are not allowed to bring and use their cellphones because it will just divert their attention from studying. It would be a big distraction to the learners n ot only individually but it will affect the whole class. If a student is caught using her/his mobile phone on class hour he/she will receive proper sanction.

On the other hand, technology also has its own advantages. For example, using phone during resear ch hours, looking for the meaning of a word, documenting various activities in the school, easily access on educational websites and specially communicating with your family and relatives residing in different places.

Howevert the traditional forms of comm unication are still hard to replace and gain influence over people’s minds. Giving out letters to a person which is most appreciated rather than just texting your message. More effort is given and appreciated when we use the traditional means of communica tion. The more technology develops; the more people seem to miss the personal touch of affection in terms of interacting.