Advantages and Disadvantages of Exercise

By: Agnes A. Pascua

One of the best ways to obtain physical fitness is exercise. In trying to lose weight or wanting to improve one’s physical fitness as well as your well-being and quality of life, exercise might be the best choice for you.

Gradually building up to a regular exercise routine has many benefits such as having better health and pleasant physical changes.

Having Better Health

Regular exercise reduces risks of many health conditions including heart diseases and high blood pressure. It can also keep the bones, joints and muscles stronger and one can enjoy better sleep at night which can make a life longer and healthier.

Pleasant Physical Changes

Regular exercise can make someone look better because it can improve muscle tone, increase muscle mass, lose weight or simply maintain current physique. By keeping the body well-conditioned, everyday activities like carrying groceries and climbing stairs can be done with ease and your athletic performance might also improve.

Sometimes it is also easy to fall into some of the disadvantages associated with exercise. Overdoing it and neglecting to rest can expose someone to adverse effects of exercise such as leading to bad health condition, dealing with dietary problems, money and time.

Leading To Bad Health Condition

Inability to do proper exercise might cause suffering from injuries. In addition exercising too much can leave the feeling of tiredness, weakness and dehydration. It can also trigger heart problems, osteoporosis as well as problems conceiving and loss of menstrual cycle in women. With this, experts recommended having at least 150 minutes of moderate cardio per week and include strength training on two days.

Dealing with Dietary Problems

Doing exercise burns calories. After work out, the body wants to make sure to replace the burned energy. In this manner, falling into cravings and hunger is easily achieve and someone might end up eating more calories than the burned during the workout resulting to weight gain if the diet was not adjusted.

Money and Time

If somebody really wants to achieve physical fitness, there is a need to invest and allocating time and some money. Doing exercise in gym will really make it costly and time consuming but these two reasons must not be a disadvantage because exercising can be done anywhere and anytime.
Being aware to the advantages and disadvantages of exercise is important but no matter what it takes, if one is willing to achieve the set goal, no hindrance can make someone stop.