Beyond the Kin: The Unspoken Devotion

Diana Joy M. Alanzalon, Teacher III

Imagine our home or society without family, a family without mother, father or child or a society without teachers or learners. How can a child survive without the help of his parent? How can a learner learn without the guidance of his teachers? Or besides his parents, who else is willing to be with him in times of ups and downs?

In our endeavor, family is our shelter like home. Our family is always with us no matter what happens. Moreover, there is beyond to the family that we can trust for the sake of our future, someone whom we can lean on in times of need and that is our teacher. He/She can be our mother, father and a friend.

Like a mother as light of our home, our teacher is the light of our society. He plays a significant role in shaping the lives of the learners under his care. He is willing to do his best just to ensure the brighter future of his learners despite of his personal problem. He always understands his learners regardless of his mistakes. Even his patience limits its boundary; he is still focused on his learners’ welfare. He guides his learners for them to lessen their failures. But if the failures have come, he leads them to learn from those. He also gives a lot of advice for them not to give up but be inspired to continue pursuing their dreams and motivates his learners towards a better growth. In fact, he gives most of his time to his learners compared to his own family.

Another role of a teacher, is being a society’s stanchion; it is like a father as a pillar of home who supports his learners’ journey. He gives them strength to continue achieving their goals in life even his weaknesses, as a human being and teacher, knock him from time to time. Besides on it, he protects and fights for his learners from any danger. He makes sure that they are ready to experience rejection, errors, criticism or any unpleasant things. However, in times of their failure or downs, he is always with them.He never surrenders his learners and remains the unlearned because he can do everything just to guarantee that no learners will be left behind. He also corrects his learners mistakes by constructive or friendly criticism and by being a good model. Even sometimes his body and mind feels exhausted caused by hard work, it never allows him to stop his devotion.

Being an ideal family, parents need their children either natal or not; likewise our teachers need learners because without them there would be no teachers. Aside from that our teachers can be our brothers or sisters. They can adjust their roles from being our parents to being a brother as response to the needs of every learner on their ongoing development of emotion and intellect. As our brothers, learners and teachers can learn from each other. They also share what they have experienced or discovered. However, our teachers should ensure to maintain respect and credibility despite of closeness with their learners. With this, bonding can be easily built, then a deep trust begins.

Thus, our biological parents, our teachers devotedly do their best just to make our lives more meaningful. Like parents, there are times teachers think of their learners during night time, wherein they think of what they may give and do the next day. Relatively, even the learners and the teachers have no blood relationship it connects them beyond compare. And it can be the reason why our teachers have a stronger and great influence on their learners. Hence, it conveys that the success of the learners is the victory of the teachers and family as well.