Building Partnerships to Keep Students Learn: A Pandemic Protocol

Jackylou G. Alberto
Teacher III, Maragol Integrated School

Seven months ago, the school operations worked in a regular way. Routine activities like teachers taught, school heads monitored and conducted technical assistance and also management and administrative functions were being accomplished.

But during this time, schools are struggling to give the learners the best service. A question like, Is there hope for our school (Maragol Integrated School) to have better orientation and will give the learners the best service despite of the situation we are experiencing right now?

Yes, there is! That is PROJECT MARA-GOAL: One Goal, Maragol!

CoVid-19 pandemic has created a unique opportunity to build stronger partnerships and collaboration with the internal and external stakeholders to support the continuous education of the learners and to prioritize the health and safety of teachers, learners and Maragol Integrated School is able to strengthen and mobilize its partnership mechanisms. A strong and committed leadership and governance headed by our GPTA President SPO2 Elmer M. Feliciano, he claims “We are the strongest partner of the school.”

Our creative teachers find ways and means to help learners continue to learn. They even innovate to cross the barriers brought by the pandemic. Some teachers will conduct research like Maricel E. Devad, Master Teacher I, entitled “Effects of ConCall Meeting in the English Performance of Grade 3 Pupils.” Two teachers will conduct innovations to help the learners achieve the most essential learning competencies. Flomel L. Javier from Elementary Department has “LAS May Katapat na SAP,” and Jackylou G. Alberto from the Junior High School Department has “Speaker-Teacher: An Innovative Way to Develop the Listening and Speaking Skills of Grade 8 Learners while on Printed Modular Distance Learning Modality.”

Despite of pandemic, our School Head, Dr. Jhon F. Del Mundo has been always transparent with all the donations winning the trust of the community, the school is using TBT System (Text Brigade Transparency System) and E-MOBE (Electronic- Monthly Operating Budget and Expenses) to make sure that all funds and donations are well-accounted.

Our school is a firm believer that Maragol IS community and stakeholders are one unit and partnerships with all sectors of the community are essential to helping learners continue education this pandemic. If the teachers, administrators, parents, private sector, LGUs, alumni and other external stakeholders work together, it will truly make a difference in the lives of our learners during this New Normal.
Strong commitment to building partnerships matters to Maragol Integrated School Community!