Challenge Yourself for Personal Change

by Venice Anne D. Avendaño

Life has inveterate challenges whether waking up early in the morning or staying up till night,whether it is simple or not, whether we like it or not, we have to face it. In every challenge, there must be a goal and with every circumstance, we must look onto what would be the outcome. Now, what is challenge for you?Are you getting excited whenever there is a challenge? Later on, we will have it.

I have noticed that the approach of modern companies towards innovation is through the advancement of technologies. With the advent of technology, this generation is said to be an information saturated generation where, any information is readily available. How does this pertain to personal change? Technologies are also said to be making our lives easy. Have you noticed the effect of technologies in the lives of people? Does it lead us to personal change or just the climate change?

Changing is crucial in a way that it can be from good-to-bad or bad-to-good, but I guess majority would choose to have a change for the better. I consider that the most important change is personal change. It is subjected to the thought of having influence or wanting your atmosphere to be changed. “If I change, everything changes.” This is a declaration preached by Pastor Cesar Castellanos. Personal change must lead to transformation, whereas, change would not be enough without being transformed.

Before anything else, evaluate yourself first and be aware of the things you desire to improve in yourself.Have you ever been in a situation where you are doing what you do not want to do and what you do not want to do, you do?

If you are aiming to take several steps, I challenge you to do this:

1. Be intentional for change.
Make a decision today and be intentional. It starts in you to have a desire. Desiring for change is not a bad thing but change would not come if you just desire for it. Generally, it will take a lot of wise actions. Make it happen and intentionally do something for it.

2. Do more of the things you do right.
Do less of the unnecessary things you do and do more of the things you do right. This can also practice your self-leadership and discipline. If you feel not like doing something but you think it is the right way to do, do it. It might be hard but as you continue doing it, it becomes natural.

3. Do not settle for less, aim for the best.
How do you see yourself at the moment? Are you aware of your ability and capacity to change? Are you satisfied in your situation or with what you have? Be thankful but don’t settle. Appreciate what you have because that’s all you need for the challenge. Everything was given to you. Wise actions await.

Let us make each day count and take this as an opportunity to be better that what you are yesterday. Continue practicing it and make it a habit till it becomes your lifestyle. Challenge yourself!