Communicate Actively To Learn Effectively

Teacher III

Reading is the biggest deal that should be catered in the system of education as it is a pre requisite to have wide and deep comprehension. Together with this, communication skills as meaningful tool of the learners to express their perceptions and to be understood. This aspect must be developed and enriched.

In a classroom set-up wherein the educators who are teaching language subjects that requires utilization of English language for instruction they found challenges in maximizing learners’ participation. Main reason is that they are somehow uncomfortable in using the language because they are not confident enough to use it because they are afraid to commit mistakes.

Educators must provide help and assistance to the learners to address this problem, certain ways must be practiced and mastered. Being a listener, it is very important for the learners to listen attentively during class discussions for analysis, comparison, identification and definition. Learners should be concise, the shorter the statements the easier to be understood. They must know how to identify and use appropriate words and stresses for clear and exact expressions and understandings.

Learners must master the utilization of their body in communicating to others. Eye contact is important when they are talking to others this may attract attention and persuasion. Through facial expressions they can express their emotions, wherein it is easy for the educators to identify if the learners need their help, guidance and assistance.

Confidence a quality that learners should have when they are communicating. This will be possible when they possessed mastery of what they are discussing, because they are able to acquire factual information about the topic. When learners completely understand the information, its transfer will be easier and faster.

Being open-minded, learners must know how to listen and respect ideas and perception of others because having this value will allow them to answer their questions, add and acquire information they need and explain phenomena they are experiencing.

These way of developing learner’s communication skills will truly help for them to consider every learning process as a chance for them to express what in their minds that will be beneficial for personal and group enlightenment, indeed another way of enjoyment.