Curriculum Implementation Division


  1. Provide technical assistance to schools in terms of instructional delivery, curriculum framework, curriculum guide, teachers guide, and learners’ materials.
  2. Instructional Supervision
  3. Work collaboratively with SGOD in terms of Capability Building/Trainings, IPPD and Training Needs Assessment of Teachers and Principals.

  1. Curriculum Interventions
  1. Conduct curriculum feed backing to identified teachers and principals.
  2. Conduct action researches relevant to curriculum implementation.
  3. Promote curriculum learning opportunities using various delivery mediums (Video Conferencing, Webinars, Webcasts, etc.
  4. Assist Principals/Heads in modeling curriculum inclusive and other effective practices as well as in creating advocacy materials.
  5. Provide practical strategy sessions for regular classroom teachers.
  6. Evaluating and revising curriculum programs through ongoing feedback.
  7. Integration of technology into curriculum.
  8. Linking assessment through learning coaches and instructional specialist.
  1. Provide a differentiation of instructional strategies and understanding wrap around services.
  2. Coordinating demonstration classes with learning management system support.
  3. Build instructional leadership capacity within the division through a variety of professional development opportunities.