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Companies and organizations should have programs to attract, manage, and retain high performing employees because if not, it leads them choosing new opportunities once knock to work with them.

The only way to keep teams focused on the organizational goals during these times of change is to create a culture where every individual feels at their very core that will be focused on the highest aspirations and meaningful goals of the team. These are more important than the uncomfortable feelings created by individual differences. Professional development must be specially designed to ignite the passion of every person to be deeply aligned with the organizational goals of the Department of Education and respond to the diverse needs of their respective stakeholders.

Each individual’s professional development should create the best outcomes through the organization-provided training and programs. Those training, must tell that each employee can make a difference in servicing clients – both internal and external, knowing the need for change through programs that will help the team function better. Also, an organization needs to provide training on the updates and implications of data privacy law and how it contributes to effective functioning of an organization, and to create personal and development plans on professional aspects for career, family, social, and spiritual life.

Working for different organizations, employees can learn some training ideas and one of those is knowing about the psychological approach that involves analyzing strategies and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates to the languages, thoughts, and patterns of behavior that were learned through experiences to specific outcomes. Next, is training that will build a culture that will drive a high-performance organization to create a mindset that will engage and align every employee with the vision, mission, and core values, and leave them speaking a common language of excellence. This will build a new capacity for growth, focus on how employees will think in more creative and innovative ways, and will develop the tolerance to continue to move forward despite of the challenges, and distractions. Another is a training to ensure the protection of personal data when implementing work-from-home schemes for their employees during the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. In addition is a training to unfold the employees’ skills to create a better self and culture of excellence, employees will feel that what they are working on is meaningful, significant, and purpose-based. Each employees concerned is a highly inspired common purpose that creates a driving force behind everything each one does. Most of all, employee also needs training that will develop the flexibility and resilience to deal with change, challenges, and uncertainty that may arise along the way. It will ensure that they will be ready to learn, absorb, and retain new skills and stay focused on goals. Then the leaders need to embrace practical coaching for excellent skills to sustain the momentum in the long term. Without this kind of internal leadership and coaching capacity in the workplace, the team will resort to the old pattern of finding short-term solutions that fall by the side as employees back to their old habits.

An organization also needs to provide workshop sessions for their employees such as Gender & Development to balance work and family life. Work and family life balance is the relationship between work and other important things in life, like family, sport and social life, household chores, volunteer commitments, and others. Spirituality Workshop in the workplace is also important. A values structure can see in the culture that promotes employees’ experience of the work process, facilitating the feeling of being connected to others in a way that provides feelings of acceptance, completeness, and joy.

According to Amanda Novakovic, a Senior Human Resource Specialist in her 5- minute article entitled “High-performing employees: How to attract, retain and manage them”, high performing employees are those that demonstrate a mindset that grows every day and tend of looking and open to new learnings and new skills that sharpen existing ones. This set of traits will enable employees to find new solutions and innovative to the most challenging problems. These achievement-oriented employees are adaptable, highly flexible, and self-driven. If you knew one, do not hesitate to approach an employee who might be happy in their job. They can be the interest of challenges the organization has to offer. Show to the high performing employees how the organization offers an opportunity that can be fueled their growth. Both tangible and intangible benefits can be highlighted for them to choose their organization once new opportunities knock to work with them.

The article also suggested some tips to manage high-performing employees. The first is to trust them to get the work done because they can do their job in the manner that they prefer. Next, they are looking for essential actionable feedback, reviewing their work, giving feedback, and discussing their goals. An organization must learn to do its best to support high-performing employees. A lot of means of communication like social media can be used for their regular reporting. The next tip is simply by telling them how they can contribute to the organization and how they can benefit as well. Next tip is by providing them the opportunities for professional and personal growth. Recognize and reward them. The last and one of the most important is to delegate to them essential assignments. Let them know that the organization recognize their value and contributions by highlighting all of their achievements and also give rewards for all of their hard work.

It is important for an organization to identify high and low performers among the employee group. Top performers are the organization’s jewels and driving the success of the goals. Properly managing the employees will raise the level of productivity.

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