Developing Teachers’ Adversity Quotient, turning Challenges into Opportunities


Teachers’ technical-know-how, attitudes, values and knowledge will be his weapon to successfully attend his roles and obligation in school which is to daily providing a functional, productive, realistic and meaningful teaching and learning process.

Expertise and familiarity of the management and operations in school in general and in the classroom in specific aspect will surely help the teacher to best facilitate everyday assumption of duties. In a week of educating: planning for a lesson, setting goals and objectives, implementing and evaluating of learning outcomes problems and challenges may occur and these will test the adversity quotient of every educator.

In developing adversity quotient, the teacher may seek assistance from his co- teachers and school head/principal regarding on how he will manage the stresses occurring in the school: inside and outside of the classroom. Identifying best practices that hold learners’ behavior; coping with co-teachers’ change of preference; social and emotional well-being; challenges in terms of acquiring suitable, realistic and alternative learning resources and materials are necessary to become a well-rounded educator. By soliciting such information, the teacher may acquire answer to his questions and solutions to his problems. Indeed, upon discovery of new effective practices he should share it to his colleagues. Every experience and learning will contribute to the achievement and fulfillment of every educator. Stresses, problem and challenges must be taken positively, for these are opportunities for them to demonstrate their innate knowledge and skills to successfully overcome all of those predicaments. Having general teachers’ assembly may also help in such way that the educators may share the problems that they have experienced, which they can resolve easily. In the same way that they will also share experience that others can relate to, solicit information that may help them to identify means of resolution, thus building camaraderie and cooperation. A school community, where members are comfortable with each other, respect others’ disposition and preference is a healthy and positive environment for the educators to think of the best that they can do and share.

Attending seminar adds a learning for the educators, as they gain knowledge on trends and updates that may relate to their current experience. By this they may learn new techniques, strategies and method that will best govern their means of providing a meaningful teaching and learning process. Being a reader, may also help. Reading researches about pupils learning and behavior; managing school operations and management, teachers’ best practices; theories and principles in teaching and many others may suggest answers and ways to employ to make the teaching and learning process less stressful to the agent of change and artists that mold the future- the educators.
Developing the peak adversity quotient of the teachers means uplifting the level of education they are providing. Making every moment of learning a chance to develop a globally competitive learners facilitated by well- equipped teachers.