DM-101-S.-2019: Seminar on Financial Literacy for Prospect Retirees

Financial literacy is a set of knowledge and skills necessary for DepEd Employees to financially secure themselves. Financially literate citizens are well versed in issues of money and are able manage to their personal budget responsibly. Finances are an important part of everyday life and financial literacy is the best way to prevent over-indebtedness of citizens. Basic financial literacy helps employees become self-sufficient and achieve financial stability. This includes being able to save money, distinguish the difference between wants and needs, manage a budget, pay their bills and plan for retirement.

In line with this, the Division of Science City of Muñoz will be conducting Seminar on Financial Literacy for prospect retirees on August 29,2o19 at SDO conference Hall, Barangay Rizal, science City of Muñoz.