1. In consonance with Office of the Undersecretary of Administration Memo 00-0420-0029 titled “Guidelines on the Use of Desktop Computers, Laptops Tablet PCs and
Smartphones at Home during the COVID – 19 Pandemic,” School Heads are authorized to release desktop computers, laptops and tablets to teachers for use in the conduct
of online training courses, online classes and in the preparation of learning modules at home when face-to-face instruction is not possible due to the pandemic.

2. The School Heads shall ensure that the government – owned devices are properly used, cared for and recorded through the School Property Custodians.

3. The School ICT Coordinators shall ensure that the devices released to the teachers are not part of the network system of the DCP packages such as thin client monitors, network servers, internet cables, Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS), electrical wirings / outlets as these devices if pulled out may affect the configuration of the network.

4. The devices allowed to be used by teachers at home are the following: Stand – alone desktop, laptop, tablet and printer.

5. The transfer of the device from one teacher to another shall also be recorded through the School Property Custodian and approved by the School Head.

6. The teachers shall be held liable for any losses or damages while the device is in their possession if these were found to be due to their negligence or improper use.

7. Teachers are required to return the devices upon the resumption of regular classes.

8. For your guidance and strict compliance.