DM-60-S.-2019: Reorientation on Various Testing Programs & Dissemination of National Achievement Test (NAT) & Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) Results

  1. This Division of Science City of Munoz, thru the Curriculum Implementation Division (ClD) will conduct a “Reorientation on Various Testing Programs and Dissemination of National Achievement Test (NAT) and Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) Results” on May 29, 2019 eight o’clock in the morning at SDO- SCM Conference
  2. Objectives of this activity are the following:
    • reorient the participants on the target clientele, purpose, design, test administration
      procedures and utilization of results of each assessment.
    • disseminate the results of NAT and BEEA, S.Y 2017 – 2018
  3. Participants to this activity are the School Heads of both public and private schools, Principals secondary schools’ department heads, Integrated Schools’ Head Teachers and SHS Subject Group Heads.
  4. Wide dissemination of this Memorandum is enjoined.

Download Full Text: DM-60-S.-2019