DM-No.-003-s.-2021: 2021- Virtual Meeting Of Private School On MS Teams

  1. Please be informed that there will be a virtual meeting at 10:00 am among Private School Heads and SDO Key Officials on January 6, 2021 through MS Teams.
  2. The virtual meeting link shall be sent to all concerned via MS
  3. The participants to the said virtual meeting are the SDS, Chief ES SGOD as Private School focal person and the 13 School Heads of the following private schools:
      1. San Sebastian School
      2. Accelerated Christian International School (ACIS)
      3. Guiding Star Leaming Center (GSLC)
      4. Little Lamb Foundation Leaming Center
      5. Munoz United Methodist Leaming Center (MUMLC)
      6. Hellen Keller Montessori School
      7. JDS Montessori School
      8. Science City Montessori School
      9. Immanuel Integrated Christian School
      10. Kelston Montessori School
      11. Maranatha Christian Academ
      12. ACLEAD
      13. Brilliant Kids Montessori School
  4. Immediate and widest dissemination of this Memorandum is earnestly desired.