DM-No.-039-s.-2021: Adoption Of The Proposed Workflow And Procedural Process In The Division Online/Virtual Ranking Of Applicants In Various Vacant Positions

  1. This is to adopt the proposed Workflow and Procedural Process in the Division Online/ Virtual Ranking of Applicants in Various Vacant Positions effective on the next screening/ ranking procedure for the appointment and promotion of other teaching, related teaching and non-teaching
  2. Pilot implementation shall be made on the ranking for promotion of Head Teacher III position anticipated vacancy in the MNHS- Main (JHS) English
  3. Implementation of this online/ virtual procedure shall be closely monitored by this office for continuous improvement
  4. Ranking guidelines issued by the Department applicable to positions to  be ranked shall be strictly followed by the HRM-PSB.
  5. For immediate dissemination and proper guidance of all concered.