DM-No.-102-s.-2020: Postponement Of The Administration Of School Year 2018-2019 National Achievement Test (NAT GR 6), Early Language Literacy And Numeracy Assessment (ELLNA) AND SY 2019-2020 Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA)

  1. Pursuant to DepED Memorand um No. 34, 2020 entitled Fifth Set of Policy Directives of DepED Task Force COVID 19, this office announces the postponement of the Administration of National Achievement Test (NAT Gr 6), Early Language Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (ELLNA) and Basic Education Exit Assessment (BEEA) until  further  notice.  A  separate  issuance of the new schedules shall be posted.
  2. Immediate and wide dissemination of this Memorandum is desired.