DM-No.-144-s.-2020: Virtual Press Releases On Communications Initiatives In Relation To ‘Handang Isip, Handa Bukas!

  1. The Division of Science City of Munoz will be holding COMMUNICATIONS INITIATIVES IN RELATION TO ‘HANDANG ISIP, HANDA BUKAS!’ which include Virtual Press Releases on Mondays from August 17 to September 14, 2020, 9:00 A.M-11:00 M
  2. This activity aims to give a better understanding on the procedures with regards to the opening of School Year 2020-2021 and help ease the process of normalizing our ways of providing basic This initiative aims to boost public confidence to embrace the LDM’s (Learning Delivery Modalities) for the upcoming school year
  3. Participants are the ASDS, 2 Chiefs, School Heads and All Unit Heads who will be invited as Resource
  4. Resource persons will be invited to give updates and necessary information on the following issues and concerns:
  1. Enrolment
  2. Covid-19 updates
  3. Preparations leading to August 24 opening of classes
  4. Disinfection of schools and offices
  5. Readiness in providing Basic Education
  6. f) Partnership with  the  community
  7. Health protocols
  8. Incoming activities and initiatives
  1. Attach is the draft press release for For clarification, you may contact the Division Information Officer through [email protected] or at cellphone number 0917 872 9340.
  2. For information and strict compliance.