DM-no.-159-.s-2019: Procurement of Catering Service

In order to adhere to the principle of equity, efficiency and economy, the following guidelines shall be followed in the procurement of Catering Service:

  1. The end-users shall be responsible in indicating the list of menus in the Purchase Request (PR) and Request for Quotation (RFQ) when procurement of catering service is needed during seminars , trainings and meetings;
  2. Suppliers / Caterers are required to submit SEALED quotations to ensure competitiveness and equal opportunity in the procurement process;
  3. For catering service that requires posting on PhilGEPS website , e., procurement above 50,000.00, the documents must be forwarded to the BAG Secretariat at least seven (7) days before the conduct of the seminar , training and meeting.
  4. For information and compliance.