DM-No.-177-s.-2020: Designation of Personnel Transacting at the Regional Office

In line with the strategic response of this office in following the  Inter­ Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Disease (IATF-EID) Protocols, the following is hereby designated in transacting with the DepEd Regional Office on rotation  basis  ( 14-Days Quarantine  Cycle)


Name Position Schedule

Arnelson  D.  Cornejo


Administrative  Assistant  III

Every  1st Wednesday of the Month

Lauren ce  Caimoy


Administrative Aide I

Every  2nd and  4th Wednesday of the Month

Emmanuel  M.  Magno


Administrative  Aide  III

Every  3rd Wednesday  of the Month

This memorandum shall take effect immediately until this COVID 19 Pandemic is neutralized. Mr. Aaron S. Sobrevilla, Administrative Assistant III, designated as the Division Liaison Officer shall return to his regular Liaisoning duties once  this  pandemic  is over.


For  information  and  guidance  of  all  concerned.