DM-No.-182-s.-2020: Suspension Of Physical Reporting For The SDO Personnel

  1. In relation to the directive of the City Health Unit as per findings that a teaching personnel from the Muñoz National High School – Annex has tested positive with COVID – 19 virus, the undersigned wish to inform everyone that the physical reporting of all personnel of this office shall be suspended effective today and Monday, October 9 and 12 respectively due to a massive inspection for the entire complex of the Muñoz National High School Annex and SDO premises and offices.
  2. All concerned are advised to immediately vacate their office from the said dates to give way to the said activity.
  3. Meanwhile, all employees are advised to defer all non-essential travel to reduce the risk of contracting COVID – 19 infection.
  4. Upon returning to duty on Tuesday (October 13, 2020) all those who are physically reporting and thereafter are directed to submit their respective travel history.
  5. Please be guided accordingly.