DM-No.-187-s.-2020: Declaration Of Health Status And Quarantine Clearance Of DepEd Personnel

  1. In the light of COVID-19 Pandemic and increasing number of cases at the Science City of Munoz, it is of utmost importance to this office to ensure the health and safety of all DepEd Personnel in the Division. In line with this, all DepEd personnel are hereby instructed to declare their present health status once classified as Active Case, Probable, Suspect, Close Contact or PUM (Person under Monitoring) by the City Health Office through their immediate superior
  2. The immediate superior shall notify the Division Covid-19 Focal Person, Marianne Coronel, MD, Medical Officer III via cellphone number: 09285040801 for proper coordination and appropriate action. Rest Assured that whatever information that all concerned provide shall be treated with utmost confidentially in accordance with the Data Privacy Act. Any DepEd Personnel found to breach such confidential information shall face the corresponding penalty thereof.
  3. As such, all DepEd Personnel who underwent a 14  –  day  quarantine  are  hereby directed to furnish the Schools Division Office, a copy of their quarantine clearance before returning in their respective DepEd Offices or Schools. The said document shall be submitted to School Health and Nutrition Section thru the Medical Officer III for  the issuance of Medical Clearance for Fit to Work and record purposes, in accordance with DepEd Order no.14 s.2020 entitled Guidelines on the Required Health Standards in Basic Education Offices and Schools and DOH Administrative Order No.2020-0015 or the Guidelines on the Risk-Based Public Health Standards for COVID- 19 Mitigation
  4. Strict compliance of this memorandum is expected .