DM-No.-190-s.-2020: Suspension Of Physical Reporting For The Osds Personnel


  1. In relation to the directive of the City Health Unit as per findings that one of the personnel in the OSDS has a closed contact with a COVID – 19 positive patient, please be informed that the physical reporting of all OSDS personnel shall be suspended effective today (Tuesday) until Friday, October 20-23, 2020 due to a massive disinfection of OSDS premises and
  2. In view of this I hereby designated BERNARDO A. GARGABITE, EdD, Chief Education Supervisor of the School Governance and Operations Division to be the Officer-in-Charge, from October 20 – 23, 2020 whose functions include:
    • Receives routinary documents, correspondents and
    • Provide immediate actions on urgent reports in consultation with my office
  3. All other scheduled activities for this week shall be postponed temporarily. A separate memorandum shall be released to include the adjusted schedule of the suspended
  1. Meanwhile, all employees are advised to defer all non-essential travel to reduce the risk of contracting COVID – 19
  1. Please be guided accordingly