DM-No.-201-s.-2020: Submission Of Masterlist For Different Medical And Nursing Programs

In line with OUA MEMO No. 00- 1020-0198 entitled “Advisory on The Implementation of the Medical- Nursing Services and the Adolescent Reproductive Health Program for SY 2020-2021” all public elementary and secondary schools in the division are requested to provide necessary Master List of learners in the following program:

  • Deworming
    • (Kinder – Grade 12)
  • Weekly Iron and Folic Acid Supplementation (WIFA)
    • (Female Grade 7-Grade 10)
  • School-based Immunization Program (SBI)
    • (Grade l & Grade 7 (MMRTD) (Female Grade 4, 10 years old   above)
  • Adolescent Reproductive Health Program (ARH)
    • (Kinder – Grade12)