DM-No.-229-s.-2020: Division Performance Review And Employees Service Excellence For Cy 2020

  1.  The Department of Education Schools Division Office of  Science  City  of Munoz will conduct an online Division Performance Review and Employees Service Excellence for CY 2020  on  December  21-22,  2020  at  9:00  AM via MS Teams. The link will be sent two (2) hours before the activity.
  2. The activity aims to:
    1. To help employees understand the result of their performance, how they can improve and what is expected of
    2. To have a roadmap for the succeeding year’s operations.
    3. To give rewards and recognition to outstanding division employees for their exemplary performance for the year.
  3. Enclosed is the training matrix for the said
  4. The participants to this activity are all SDO
  5. For information and compliance