DM-No.-232-s.-2020: Guidelines on Payment/Reimbursement of Travelling Expenses

  1. In order   to   have   a uniform procedure     on   payment/ reimbursement of travelling expenses, the following internal guidelines must be observed:
  • Payment/ Reimbursement must be done on a monthly basis based on the approved Schools Operating Budget (SOB);
  • Before payment of such, Itinerary of Travel (IoT) together with the Certificate of Travel Completed (CoC) must be signed first by  the Schools Division Superintendent;
  • Common documentary requirements attached in support for the payment are as follows:
    1. Disbursement Voucher
    2. Itinerary of Travel
    3. Certificate of Appearance
    4. Travel Order(outside 50km    radius) / Locator   Slip(within 50km radius)
    5. Certificate of Travel Completed (per destination)
    6. Boarding Pass (if applicable)
    7. Plane Ticket (if applicable)
    8. Terminal Fee (if applicable)
  1.  For information and compliance