DM-no.-63-s.-2020: Submission Of School-Based Feeding Program (SBFP) Terminal Report

In line with the issuance of Audit Observation Memorandum (AOM) regarding the implementation/ utilization of SBFP funds, you are hereby instructed to submit the following reports and documents, to wit:

  1. Master List of Beneficiaries for SBFP (Form 1)
  2. ,SBFP Summary of Beneficiaries and Start of Feeding (Form 3)
  3. SBFP Record of Daily Feeding (Form 4)
  4. Program Terminal Report (Form 5)
  5. Daily Attendance Sheet of Feeding Beneficiaries with their attached signatures
  6. Consolidated Program Terminal Report (Form 9)
  7. Monitoring Tool (Form 9)
  8. Monthly / Quarterly Report (Form 10)
  9. Work and Financial Plan
  10. Program Procurement and Management Plan
  11. Annual Procurement Plan; and
  12. Acknowledgement/ Receipt of Payment by the SBFP helper, if


All  reports  must  be   submitted  to  the  Schools  Division   Office  on  or   before February 24, 2020.


For information and compliance.