DM-No.-90-s.-2020: Submission Of Accomplishment Reports Of Parents’ Effectiveness Service Program-Related Activities

  1. As part of our Local Government Unit’s effort to once again achieve the Seal of Good Local Governance, the Division of Science City of Mufi.oz shall accomplish its part to realize this
  2. In line with this, all School Heads are hereby requested to submit accomplishment report of activities and/ or programs  under  the  Parents’ Effectiveness Service Program on or before March 12,
  3. Parent Effectiveness Service (PEPS) based on Department of Social Welfare and Development Administrative Order    39  Series of  2003 entitled “Guidelines on the Implementation of the Family Life Development  Program”,  is the provision and expansion of knowledge and skills of parents and caregivers on parenting to be able to respond to parental duties  and  responsibilities  on  the  areas  of early childhood care and development, behavior management of  younger  and older children, prevention of child abuse, health care and other challenges of parenting. It assists parents and parents’ substitutes to develop and strengthen their major educational role in the child’s growth and development.
  4. For clarification, you may contact the Division Youth Formation Coordinator through ionn apatonon a@deped .gov. ph or at cellphone number 0917 580 7468.
  5. For information and guidance