Dream of Real Riches

CristoniA. Macaraeg

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious  things that cannot be taken from you.”-  Oscar Wilde


Everyone dreams to be rich, but not everyone knows what real riches are. What really are these riches that can make life worth living?

Dreaming is a nature of everyone. Dreams are what make people complete. This would be one of the reasons why others run to reach their dreams. Hence, dreaming of things usually starts as early as being a child.

Reminiscing childhood years, many aimed to conquer  their  ultimate  dreams. Most people dreamt to be one of the best-recognized Teachers, Engineers, Doctors, Lawyers or successful career men and women. Many dreamt of having their own designed two-storey houses with five master bedrooms plus a spare room for their future guests and a room for books where they can read and study. Moreover, some love to have a sound-proof entertainment room, a minibar, and a two-door refrigerator full of branded and delicious food most especially those desserts they are craving for. Some dreamt to have a living room with a cozy sofa and side tables, 72 inches-wide flat-screen television where they can view every detail of what some are watching, a high-tech DVD player, and sound speakers. Others prefer to have a glass wall to view the eye-catching green backyard, calming blue water on a 6-feet deep swimming pool, and a simple yet well-designed  cottage alongside.  Many may also imagine driving  a mainstream  blue  Lamborghini  sports  car,  BMW  racing  motorbike,  and  a  well-known bicycle in their wide range garage.

To complete the package are countless cash in various bank accounts to buy whatever they wanted to have. All they need to do is to swipe it out if they want to satisfy their unending wants. Thinking of these is part of everyone’s surreal childhood dreams.

These are some of the dosages of hallucination most of everyone consume and a capsule of contentment is not in their prescription to acquire. Maybe they are still seeking for more, are not they? Then, if so, they are like children and still enjoying their childhood. Filling many lives with these worldly things for their happiness is the main goal.