Embracing Social Dynamics in Education bringing Success and Satisfaction

Al John U. Febrero
Teacher III

Learners can relate their interest and experience to their classmates. Socialization is a process of strengthening relationship to other people. When the learners will have strong bond and interaction to their fellow the built relationship will become beneficial for them. Learning and strengthening motivation do not only acquire for formal teaching and learning process, it can be achieved through building strong social dynamics.

Today’s learners are said to be heterogeneous, teachers are dealing with their diversities. Provision of everyday teaching and learning process should address the need to cater every learners’ need. Designing classroom set up that will permit the development of strong social dynamics is one of the main factors that will help the learners to develop intrinsic and extrinsic motivation for continuous learning.

One learner can affect others. The way they talk, move, act, react and think may result on how they are dealing and building relationship to their classmate. In a classroom, learners are having different beliefs, attitudes and means of expressing themselves. Some see as models while the others assume that they are commoners. Most of the time, the models are the learners who are demonstrating best academic performance and good behavior, while commoners are those who are seeing others as dominant to them in terms of knowledge, skills/ talents and even socio- economic status. Breaking the barriers between the learners should be addressed to provide harmonious relationship that will result to collaborative and cooperative learning.

Learning achievement and performance are diverse. But if one will teach the learners the value of considering others this will results to progressive and innovative scenario in the classroom. It is suggesting to maximize learners’ potentialities and capabilities- they may act as mentor/ tutors and mentees/ tutees. This process will enhance their academic achievement and performance while strengthening sound relationship to their teachers and classmates, further application of strong value of appreciation and recognition to the effort that others have shared and the success achieved through the help and support from the others.

Conducive learning environment integrated with harmonious relationship within its components will bring positive impact to the learners. Having strong regard to the people that they interact with in their everyday schooling will help them to recognize the school wherein knowledge and skills can be acquired as well as good and helpful people are surrounding them, these will allow learners to feel that they are loved, belonged, and cared for. And if this will happen, they will have deeper realization and appreciation in the importance of education. They will engage themselves to continue learning, achieving and performing for the best and achieving success.

In school constant and meaningful communication between the learners and teachers is an effective way to express ideas and feeling with each other. Clear identification and definition of each educational process within the learners will enable them to give and perform their specific roles and responsibilities. Openness within the mind and the heart as well as application of respect to each and every one will bring a bridge to inspire the learners and educators to dedicate their efforts to provide progress in the system of education.

Strong social dynamics does not only strengthen the social aspect of both learners and teachers but also must see the process of designing and producing globally competitive 21st century learners intended to surpass every life challenges leading to the achievement of objectives in life, bringing the success not only for personal purposes but lifting each other for the betterment of their fellow and people surround them.