Frontliners’ Heart

Dei Chiara Abao

Frontliners are risking their health to report to work so that they can perform their duty of serving the people of the country. They are the medical workers, uniformed personnel, bank employees, supermarket staff and other volunteers who leave their homes to face the outside world without a hundred percent assurance of winning the battle against COVID-19 Pandemic…and this is called COURAGE.

The Bible defines courage as the ability to do something brave out of a motivation of the heart ( (Williams, n.d.). It is the bravery of the heart and quality of mind which enables men to encounter danger and difficulties with firmness, or without fear (KJV Dictionary Definition: courage, 2020).

Frontliners’ courage can be reflected in the story in Mark 2:1-12. The scripture tells us that because of the large crowd, four men climb up the roof and dug a hole so that their paralyzed friend can meet Jesus hoping that through Him, their friend will be healed.

These are the two (2) points showing the courage of four good friends which the frontliners manifest today:

  1. The four men disregarded the crowd; instead they made a way for their sick friend to meet Jesus. 

– Even though the frontliners have their own problems to solve and they are more likely to be infected from the virus, still they are persistent in fulfilling their duties to help others in dire need. 


In fact, Daphne Galvez of Inquirer reported last May 18, 2020 that 2,341 healthcare professionals contracted the COVID-19 virus, 35 of them were recorded dead (Galvez, 2020). Dr. Israel Bactol of Philippine Heart Center (PHC) is one of the health workers who have passed away after battling the coronavirus disease.  (Guno, 2020). Another one is a Filipino American nurse at Research Medical Center in Kansas City, Missouri. The nurse became infected with the dangerous virus after caring for an infected patient and died just a week before her planned retirement (INQUIRER.NET U.S. Bureau, 2020)


  1. The four men believe that Jesus will bring healing to their paralyzed friend. 

– Many frontliners are all hoping and praying that all people with COVID-19 will recover and be healed in due time.

As citizens, we should always wear face masks, observe physical and social distancing and to stay at home so that in our simple ways we can help prevent the spread of the virus. Through this, we can help our frontliners to win this battle.

To all frontliners, we will continue to pray that God will protect and guide you. All your efforts and sacrifices are not in vain in the Lord.