Good Connection: Influence Of Social Media To Teachers’ Way Of Communication

Andrew M Pagaling

Social media in present has taken a huge leap to almost all aspects of  people’s lives. Social media as defined is a form of communication through  which people create electronic online communities to share information, ideas,  personal messages (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). Therefore, users of this  platform extend and use possibilities to interact with one another in a form of  communicating online.  

Consequently, some instances arise when exemplifying the aftermath  amid online communication and interpersonal communication.  Teachers in particular are greatly affected on this matter. Teachers use  the combination of social and interpersonal communication in a day-to-day  basis. They exercise communicating interpersonally obviously, in line with the  demand of their work as well as the need to acquaint in communicating online  in fetching materials, sources of their lessons, and other matters that need to  be done through online. 

Moreover, social media platforms form a great divide and a challenge to  the teachers in terms of their experience whether they early get inclined to  these platforms or not. In addition, being in the 21st century, teachers immerse  to these platforms and live with it. 

Social media figuratively gave the teachers’ way of communication anew.  Teachers use different social media platforms to communicate according to  their age, sex, and their years in the service.  

There are features in social media communication that help its users to  communicate formally, effectively, and even funny that help them enhance 

their verbal communication according to a study. There are also illustrations to  where teamwork gets easier because of the fast information dissemination with  the help of social media. 

The interpersonal communication of the teachers after engaging to social  media talks a lot of their improved empathy or understanding to their co teachers. They seemed more empathic when someone needs a help that can be  reached out right away.  

The flow of their communication also develops importantly as they can  filter and think more what they will say to them before sending it unlike when  you say it personally. 

There are more engagement with the use of social media that make them  connect with one another like posting words of encouragements, good  comments to someone’s post, reaching to co-teacher about the lesson  materials, and even administer meetings that help them efficiently. 

Social media certainly influenced the way people communicate with one  another, there might be negative sides but truly, there are also positive phase  in some professional manner like exemplified above. Social media when used  well is an effective tool to run a good environment that will help people in  almost all ways. It is a venue to help communicate effectually as well as a  means to connect to others proficiently.