Heroes Amidst Catastrophes

Michelle T. Jayme

In the age of cataclysm there are people who work in silence and they are our Educators, our heroes. From the public eye, this year has been observed as a period filled with remorseful events that are unprecedented in nature. The January Taal volcano phreatomagtic eruption and the sudden spread of the contagious COVID-19 virus are unexpected events that no one has never wished for. Adding to this are social issues which have challenged not only the international community but also the quality of our thoughts. These are nightmares we all have dreamt to escape from.

The battle being fought by all people has managed to turn their lives 360 degrees especially in the education sector. The brave fight of our country against the unseen COVID-19 started when a 38-year old woman tested positive from the virus. From this point, a series of uncontrolled infection was recorded by the DOH. This led to the national government’s decision to put the entire Luzon to a community quarantine halting major social and economic activities just to control the spread of the virus. This decision has impacted not only the country’s economy, but it has also challenged the base foundation of a strong country– the educational system.

In this trying period when everyone has been challenged with these catastrophes, our educators have remained resilient. Their passion to their sworn duties and responsibilities have remained untouched and unchallenged despite this year’s uncertainties. They have stood firm while helping in assuring that quality education will be provided to all Filipino learners even at the comforts and protection of their homes.

The tripling burden of work-form-home arrangement which requires strong internet connectivity has added to the loads being carried by them. Thousands of module pages to print, attending online webinars, crafting of Work Home Learning Plan, preparation of Learning activity sheets and mastery tests are the precedents of teachers’ job in the new normal in the Department of Education. Their effort has been seen to be very inspiring to many of us for despite these adversities, they are seen to be very strong and faithful. Indeed, they are heroes in the many battles that we have bravely fought since the beginning of all these crises.