It is Always on the Teacher

Glenda Viola
Science Teacher

If the child fails, teachers are being blamed. If the students cannot read, it’s the teachers’ fault. When students cannot compose paragraphs, they get disappointed at teachers. Little do they know, teachers are the ones who cry first at the failure of their treasured students. It’s the teachers who would be saddened by the news. Based on the National Achievement Test (NAT) results, high school students get an average score of 48.9% while elementary students score 66.79% only, marking significant decline in the higher years.

Yes, teachers are their second parents in school. Technically, if something’s wrong which involves their education; teachers are held responsible for it. Teachers alone are being pinpointed.

But what if they have done all sorts of means to reach out for the students? What if they had countless times of calling out for them—numerous home visits, endless heart-to-heart conversations and tons of remediation?

Despite all the effort of the teachers, students still fail. Something’s really not right.

Remember, it always takes two to Tango. Even when teachers do their best, it will not work out if the students will not help themselves. Students have to study hard and study passionately. It is like what one teacher always says to her students, “Study with all of your heart.”

This is not brought up to solely put the blame on the students and teachers. Even parents should take responsibility. Had they been more involved and had shown more concern for their children, maybe the low performance would have been lessened. Had they not put all the weight on teachers, this problem entailing the diminishing performance of students would have been taken hand-in-hand.

Parents are the best partners of the students in studying. Learners must be guided and praised too. This is also not to lash out them for the purpose of backing students’ failure but to awaken their hearts to give more space for their children’s educational attention.

Students are really bound to have mistakes. That makes teacher, parents and other stake-holders on-guard to secure that whenever they do, they could always set things right given the fact that they have a lot of people supporting them, caring for them.

Let’s all get involved and give more care. That way, children will have brighter perception and stronger will to “move up” with pride.