Keys for Building Positive Relationships

By: Agnes A. Pascua

Building positive relationships is a skill that can be learned and mastered and not natural ability people are born with. Having the ability to develop positive relationship with others can determine how successful one can be in workplaces or in relationships outside of work. It can also help someone to feel happier, healthier and more satisfied with life.

In order to achieve positive relationships here are the keys for developing more positive and healthy relationships in all areas of life:

1. Develop your communication skills

Poor communication can lead to a culture of back stabbing and blame which can affect one’s stress levels, especially when somebody don’t understand something or feel to have been misled. Wanting to improve communications skills, there is a need to practice making eye contact, speaking slowly and clearly whenever talking to someone to avoid being misunderstood by others.

2. Listen Effectively

Listening is an essential skill in increasing another person’s self-esteem, the unspoken form of flattery that makes people feel valued and supported. Listening and understanding what others were communicating is the most significant part of successful interaction between other people.

3. Learn to give and take feedback

Feedback might be considered as the food of progress, and while it may not always taste great, it can be very good for everyone. The ability to provide positive feedback to other people helps them to hit their personal potential and can help to form positive and mutually beneficial relationships. Any feedback is free information; the person who received it can choose the way how to deal with it.

4. Accept and celebrate differences

All people are unique and can perceive the world in many ways. Having differences lead to much easier to create good rapport with others because one can feel more comfortable when someone sense that people get and see one’s point of view.

5. Learn to trust more

Trust is very important part of a healthy relationship yet many people struggle with for a lot of different reasons. Trusting someone means feeling safe with others physically and emotionally, having confidence and think that they are reliable. Someone can’t demand or prove trust because trusting someone is a choice that is made by someone.

6. Give people your time

Everyone doesn’t always have the time to give to our loved ones, friends and colleagues so giving time to people is a huge gift. One’s time is given to people when communicating with others through the use of technology by attempting to multi-task by texting and talking at the same time and being present in the time somebody is giving when with someone. The connection that somebody makes with other people, devoting time, energy, and effort to developing and building relationships is one of the most valuable life skills.

Practicing the keys in developing positive relationship can lead to achieving positive relationship with others which can make life happier and more fulfilled.