Learners Must Grit To Achieve Success

 Teacher III

Physical, emotional, social and intellectual well- being of the learners are the major contributors for them to acquire high academic performance and achievement. Strengthening these components will ensure their success but emerging it with their grit, will be a strong driving factor.

In school, everyday educators are maximizing their time providing the best teaching and learning process for the learners. They are utilizing varied instructional methods, techniques and strategies to ensure that in the end of the day their learners will gain meaningful knowledge and master functional skills. But these components become more functional if the learners will apply grit. Grit is the demonstration of the learner’s strong passion and dedication to discover and learn new things.

Grit will be demonstrated by the learners if they will treat the teaching and learning process as a gain not only for a day but as an investment to have a better life in the future. That their dreams will not only stay in their minds through imagination but rather these will be achieved and enjoyed in the near future. As they are investing their time and effort to learn and master things for their learning and development as individuals.

Having grit is a powerful weapon and uplifting stair for the learners. Grit will provide a strong internal motivation that will ignite the fire inside their minds and hearts. Taking every teaching and learning event as a contributing factor that will enables them to achieve success in life.

There are certain attitudes that will serve as enablers to develop learners’ grit. First, every learner should have courage. He knows his strengths and weaknesses; he is believing in his own qualities and potentialities that will enable him to become successful in surpassing all the problems and challenges that may arise and to see every challenging opportunity as a chance to demonstrate his abilities. Showcasing his innate and developed qualities.

Conscientiousness to accomplish all learning activities in such a way that learners are demonstrating efficiency and being trustworthy that they will be able to comply with all of the requirements prescribed by the department of education.

Being resilient, that in time they may experience difficulties their strong dedication and perseverance will always be applied because their goals and objectives were clearly defined for completion and to feel satisfaction.

Grit must not only be a drive that will stay in the mind of every learner but rather it should be strongly demonstrated through thoughts and actions.