Not Trending But Never Out

By: Xyzcherenathaneralei Alino

At my age, I know few who do not own a Facebook account. Almost all of my classmates and friends joined and are connected by this (and more) social media. I even can’t pass a day without opening mine to see notifications and trending posts.

Who would not be curious of what is trending now?

Trending is what most students of my age always wanted to know. Everybody wants to be updated, right? But the trending things should not always be replicated as I have observed. Kids and young adults who often curse and say bad words seem to be of fun to watch lately. Even our president uses the same to inject joke and assert “fun” in his speeches. But it should not be a joke to laugh upon especially when minors hear it. It was never “fun”. Cursing may have become a norm since the president and many other people use it. Like when we say “I love you” in the most romantic way, cursing and bad-mouthing is not sent every once in a while that it becomes trending and we just laugh out loud. Values in speaking are never out of style. It should be the one trending for it shows respect to elders and other people. It is never out of style. Cursing doesn’t make argument firm and strong. It tells more of disrespect to the person one is talking to and to all who listen to it.

Cursing as trending among young people can make a generation of disrespectful and distasteful people so it should never be a style. Rather, sticking to the Filipino tradition of adding “po” and “opo” is still the classic and timeless style. Being kind and respectful on the way we speak never goes out of style. Filipino children should still value the good manners and right conduct inculcated by their elders. No matter what they hear from mass media, we should still apply the Filipino values our forefathers had taught us.