Positive Relationship Between Superior And Employee Leads To Success

By: Winnie Valdez

Many employees look up to the leadership skills and achievements of their superior at work. One of the most important components to overall job satisfaction is the ability to have a positive relationship between a supervisor and an employee.

Most of the people want to succeed and wish they are braver at all times, in their jobs, in their careers. In reality, there are favorable times to have courage to speak out what’s in your mind for it will lead to success and build good relationship with our superiors. Success is the opposite of failure. When someone achieves what he desires, he calls it success. Success is very important to every human. Every person who considers himself to be extremely successful is participating high level of focus, faith and effort. What he does is important, but how will he do it is even more important. The auxiliary of your success is your superior.

Higher than another in rank is called superior. The superior must respect and love, everything not permanent. Someone may work with his/her superior for a short period of time, perhaps one year or two, it is important to build a solid foundation and good relationship with ones superior. Your superior can give you a good chance to higher opportunities and may recommend you to a higher position.

In handling good relationship with a superior, the employee must be loyal and should try not to keep secrets (work-related), in this way the superior may trust his/her employee. Ask for advice. There are instances that employees do not know what to do with their job. Sometimes, they are hesitant to speak to their superior; maybe they are afraid of them.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from your superior, so that as an employee you will learn and feel your closeness to one another. And lastly, Say thanks. Saying thank you is a powerful word that shows appreciation. According to Jeremy Dean, it can build trust and develop positive emotional state that can help cope with stressful times in our lives.