Positivity In Times Of Pandemic

Principal I

Amidst Covid-19 pandemic, hope and positivity still exist and happen. In the middle of chaotic and unforeseen threat to humanity, many of us still choose and live in peace than panic.
On my personal sense, ample time to my personal being is one of the cherish times during these pandemic days.

Instead of focusing on the turmoil of life we can have, I opt to choose myself inner peace. Ignore the possibility of having the life threatening disease, as if I’m not vulnerable to it. This way, I was able to control my fear.

For the past two decades I experienced my longest vacation I ever had from March to May. Perhaps it is the same with you. Time that I tried to rediscover myself, once I was able to bake and cook again, for these are my first love. Cooking skills was upgraded by maximizing the social media like YouTube for my self-paced course designed based on my personal choices.
Self-care is as important as upgrading skills.Seeing myself not fit as I should be.I learned how to help myself to be physically fit by having daily routine of at least 30-minute Zumba, though ideal weight was not yet achieved… more Zumba exercises to go.

Movies of the past were enjoyed at last. I even able to watch a series in Netflix in the comfort of my small space.

More important of all, in the context of many Filipinos, pandemic move the family members closer together. In my case, this was the longest time that I was able to serve my family in our home. Cook their food and snacks, wash dishes and clothes, rediscover our home by decluttering and redesigning. Ample time spent at home would also mean of saving myself from the virus.
Confined in a small room, small space was being maximized by building my small space like a bakery, little restau café like space, a Zumba place, an office and of course a home.

This simple story tells us that we can always find opportunity in every situation to be positive and look at the brighter side of any untoward situation. This all about mind conditioning and turning the realization of our dreams into reality. Life is short, let’s make sure that every counts.