Reaching Golden Age in Teaching

Maricor V Santos
Teacher III, Muñoz National High School-main

Teaching is a lifelong commitment. It should be with a strong desire to serve the teacher’s purpose. It should not be regarded as a  second choice because it requires a heart like of a mother- no turning back, no fickleness, no dillydallies despite of the many trials and challenges along the way.

Just like a mother, a teacher should embrace everything that will take place among her children, be it a success or a failure. She must mould them to become upright individuals upholding good moral values.

A teacher should hurdle every oppression and desolation without complaint. Thus, a teacher must have a big serving heart and immeasurable determination in order to meet the mission and vision of the school.

I am a teacher whose purpose is not just to earn money. Though it is a fact that I earn a living from this job, I do my best because I love our country. I am aware that our country needs competent, efficient, and effective teachers to be able to produce Filipinos with expertise in different professions. They are the future citizens who will help uplift the nation from its poverty. And I want to be a part of this great dream for our country.

I have read online articles regarding the plight of many teachers who decide to leave teaching for greener pastures. I wonder why some teachers find it very easy to disregard the commitment they once promised to stand for forever. I know that there are possible reasons why other teachers opt to venture into other professions, but I wish there are still teachers who are determined to stay until retirement.

Yes, everything comes with a price tag. But what is more fulfilling than to have a satisfied feeling of victory at the end of the day, knowing that I was able to extend myself with others through teaching.

Teaching has a great power which only few teachers possess, and just like what I watched from the Spiderman movie “with great power comes great responsibility’, only few teachers want big and challenging responsibilities. Blessed are the teachers who accept selflessly and try to overcome the challenges.

It is indeed a great responsibility to educate the young ones. Teaching is not only to impart knowledge but also to inspire them to be the best version of themselves. I am not just an educator, I am also a navigator who leads my students to the path of knowledge that blossoms like a beautiful sprout and immensely grow into a strong tree and bear sweet fruits. As a teacher I should be the whirlwind that uproots the ignorance of the students.

In times of students’ confusions over many things that distract their concentrations to finish studies,  I believe I am teacher, who can help them and save them from possible failures in the future. I should be a fountain of wisdom that propagates knowledge ensuring the incubation of truth, love, and care. I should always guarantee that I am in high level of moral standards that will serve as their model to become better individuals.

Cliche it may sound, but among all the professions, teaching is the noblest one. Then what could be the reasons of many teachers leaving the profession? Aren’t they happy to be a part of the chosen few? It is a fact that not all can teach. And to be a teacher, one must have the gift and the love of serving young minds. It is a calling of compassion, patience and perseverance.

Teaching should be a gnawing passion to serve the school which is the home of the homeless spirits in terms of acquiring academic excellence. That is why, I prefer to stay and eventually grow old in teaching because I know that I was called for to be a teacher, to be one of the chosen few. I will stay no matter what happens.

I can’t bear to leave the students who are patiently and excitedly waiting for me to .come into their classroom and feed them the information or lessons they need to know. I can’t disregard the students who, despite of life’s difficulties, still go to school because they want to learn and have a good life in the future.

I do not see myself unmindful of the students who want to be at school because for them it is their safe haven away from their problems at home. There are students who treat their teachers like best friends from whom they could seek for pieces of advice to enlighten their life’s perspective.

Teachers now a days prefer to work abroad for financial reasons and I can’t do anything but to understand because there are better work opportunities abroad that will change their status in life.

But I could not leave my family in exchange of good status in life. I could live with content and peace in my homeland where I choose to serve. I would rather be exhausting my strength to my country and help individuals who will help build our nation greater in the future.

I am with high hopes that there are teachers who still realize that to be a teacher in our country is the best and the right thing to do. It is not about the compensation or benefits that a teacher could get. It is always about staying true to the essence of being a Filipino teacher. I may not be able to become rich in teaching but money does not give me happiness.

I always find reason to smile. At the end of the day, I am happier and contented because no matter how tiresome it may get sometimes, I know in my heart that I have done my part to be an instrument of positive changes for our society.

I dream of reaching the golden age in teaching because it is a privilege. I even heard many dedicated teachers who unmindfully use their own salary just to help students. Because seeing the students become successful in their chosen field can become instruments of positive changes in our society. This, indeed, is the reason that makes teaching priceless!

When I signed my contract as a public teacher, I saw myself growing old in it. I saw a bright future life that awaits me while signing it. I will stay through thick and thin, through bad times and good times, and until my hair turns into grey.

For all those teachers who want to stay until the golden age, salute to all of us!