RECORDS: The Best Type of Evidence


“Justice” is very hard to gain if the basis of truth is superficial. Truth can only be attained thru precise documentation of a particular circumstance. Sometimes, people do not realize during a crime or accident, that having enough documentation thru records gives so much importance to gaining the right conclusion.

There are different types of records such as physical documents like papers and books which comprise official actions, decisions, policies, or procedures ( These are the basic and the most used type of records. Some of these physical documents need a signature affixed like certificates and various application forms. Another type of record is an electronic record like filmed photographs, machine readable materials, and the launch of new technology today such as closed-circuit television. The use of these technologies is vital because they record the actual action of a person in an event. Investigators use these as evidence of truth, especially during incidents like crimes and/or accidents.

Record is also vital in an institution because it ensures continuity and consistency in administration. These also protect the legal, financial, and other rights of the institution(

Record management starts from creation and ends with the disposal. During creation, ideas and information were made. A record or a documented information maybe physical or electronic, both are considered records and evidence of information. After creating a record, maintenance of each document is important to prolong its life. It includes proper sorting, labeling, and filing. Proper filing can be done by function, subject, and alphabetically for easy retrieval. Records were not all permanent and should be kept for a long time. There comes a time that these records will be disposed eventually based on the National Archives of the Philippines (2009). In this institution, teachers cannot continue to provide quality education to learners without protecting their records. Records serve as the institution’s backbone of ideas, constructed principles, and rules that govern everything that has been agreed upon.

At this time of the new era, new technologies such as laptops, drone cameras, cellphones, etc. are used in recording and catching photos as part of different kinds of events and generations. Good memories are being recorded through these gadgets. In some cases, people tend to forget some of the good memories but with these gadgets, those good memories were recorded and eventually reminisce.

During staff meeting, the group always hear feedbacks from various clients that were gathered weekly in the division. Minutes of the previous meeting were also discussed the following week and all-important details of the conducted meeting were properly recorded and addressed. Each one was taking down notes to catch important reminders and agendas that were discussed during the meeting. Consolidation and agreement of topics/ideas being discussed were also approved and seconded by the body as proof of finalization and even the time of adjournment is recorded as evidence. Seminars/Webinars were now conducted more frequently than during the pandemic. Some of these were conducted in limited face-to-face. Conducted webinars were recorded and cascaded as participant’s information and for documentation. These are all part of creating record and are very vital for record management. If they listen and understand during meetings and seminars, there is a possibility of forgetting some of the details of the topics being discussed. Proper taking down notes or recording the activity may help to lessen the possibility of not catching even the smallest details of the topics being discussed.

The Schools Division Superintendent, Dr. Dante G. Parungao, said several times during staff meetings that a person’s signature may be used as evidence against him/her so it is important to read and understand what kind of document he/she is signing. A document that is already being signed is final and complete evidence that can be presented to anybody including legal matters. The election was already done, and a new administration will be established. It is important for this new administration to check the status of every bureau, institution, and office in the country, therefore, records of these different offices are important to trace different issues and concerns to be addressed and also for the sake of improvement. The status of these different offices can be seen through the evident document that was present in every office. The plans, projects, activities, and ways forward of each office may also be seen through the records and this is vital for the continuous progress of each office and eventually the whole country. The fact that every Filipino wants continuous progress in the country, Every Filipino should take part in it and contribute through simple things in day-to-day work in the office. One of them is being concerned about records because it will be the only evidence that will provide anyone with the whole story of everything and eventually lead everyone to the right conclusions and decisions anyone will make in the future.