RM-145-s.-2019: Ensure All New Construction of School Buildings in All Public Elementary and Secondary Schools have Building and Occupancy Permits

1. The Regional Office wants to ensure that all new construction of school buildings and laboratories in all public elementary and secondary schools have Building
and Occupancy Permits.

2. In the attached Memorandum signed by Usec. Alain Del B. Pascua dated December 10, 2018 with a subject Reminders on the Implementation of school building projects. In paragraph No. 5 states that “As stipulated in the standard bidding documents, Instruction to Bidders and General Conditions of the Contract, construction-related permits are on the account of the Contractor. The school should not pay for these permits.”

3. All Schools Division Superintendents and Division Engineers are advised not to sign the Certificate of Completion (CoC) and Certificate of Acceptance (CoA) if the project has no Building and Occupancy Permits. Attached are the sample formats of the said Certificates.

4. All Principals, School Heads and Teacher-In-Charge are required to inform and coordinate with their Division Engineers or DepEd Project Engineers/ Architect whatever construction works or improvements prior to implementation funded by PT A, School Alumni, LGU, NGO and other stakeholders.

5. For dissemination and strict compliance.

Download full text: RM-145-s.-2019-Ensure-All-New-Construction-of-School-Buildings-in-All-Public-Elementary-and-Secondary-Schools-have-Building-and-Occupancy-Permits