SBM Benchmarking: Providing An Alternative Way To Faster Learning

By: ELVIE G. CORPUZ, Master Teacher 1

DepEd-CLSU Elementary (Laboratory) School
Division of Science City of Munoz

Quality Experience is the best teacher.

More than the common way of providing lectures inside a conference hall and a mass indoctrination of a program using power point presentations and gruelling workshops to a captured audience of School Heads and program coordinators, benchmarking provides a better experience if not the best quality experience for a program coordinator in facilitating a deeper understanding about an effective school management.

There is always a better experience in seeing the most natural set-up in operating a school practicing efficiently on the principles of SBM. Stepping into the actual setting and taking the opportunity to ask and learn from friends and able School Heads will surely provide the best alternative way to a faster learning of SBM Level of Practice.

In the Division of Science City of Muñoz, the DepEd-CLSU Elementary (Lab) School acts as a faithful partner in securing in-house technical assistance by serving as a model school in benchmarking activities in coordination with the School Governance and Operations Division (SGOD). Being the lone school in the Division of Science City of Munoz to be accredited and validated by the Regional Office in the Advanced SBM Level of Practice. Schools who want to improve their level of practice take time to visit and learn from the kind of school-based management practice being implemented at DepEd-CLSU Elementary School.

Being the prime school in the division, DepEd-CLSU (Lab) Elementary School provides the best services in terms of effective school management the support of its stakeholders as its best practice. Shared leadership and accountability is the result of valuable engagement in the programs and projects of school and community. Strong partnership between the school offers wider opportunities for productive linkages. In addition, school effectiveness runs between and among people who are willing to share, empower and transform the school in its best against the challenges and changes of our time. Therefore, the SBM practices of this school are highlighted to inspire other schools where the best and quality experiences of its stakeholders are accounted and recognized in the division.

Experiencing and promoting the Push and Pull principle between and among partner schools is a quality and effective means of providing education services that would benefit our learners. A push from the Schools Division Office and a pull from the advanced, high performing school like DepEd-CLSU can effectively carry the weight in advancing low performing schools to a higher level onto an enjoyable experience of effective and proper school-based management.