Scaffolding: A Mean Of Addressing Gaps In Learning

 Teacher III

Emotions that the learner feels during teaching and learning process may affect their achievement and performance. When the learners may experience frustrations, disappointments and discouragements, how will the educators address these problems?

Scaffolding is one of the educational means that is inspired to bridge the gaps in teaching and learning process. It measures the learners’ actual level of performance compared to what they should master and possess. Through this, educator will determine what help and assistance they must extend which will allow the learners to acquire and master what are in the spaces/ gaps making the educational process meaningful and functional for both learners and educators.

This process is inspired to utilize number of effective teaching techniques, strategies and methods to uplift learners’ performance as well as bridging large gaps in learning that will lead to the development of independent learners. Through implementation of various strategies, they will one by one eliminate and change the process, as there is a need to employ new innovative style to support the progress and development of the learners.

Scaffolding intends to cater learners’ needs regardless of their diversities in terms of learning styles as well as in classroom environment set- up. In the utilization of the process the teacher breaks down every teaching and learning process to smaller bits, so that the learners will easily absorb and process the information given from the TL process. This will enable the educators to clearly identify the aspect of the process that may bring challenges to the learners. This may pertain to identification and definition of concepts, development of skills or in the value integration process.

Educator may utilize scaffolding through inductive method of teaching wherein the identification and definition of the concepts will start from the simple to the most complex learning activities. By this, the mastery and comprehension of the learners will be ensured. The success of the process will determine through learner’s application of acquired knowledge and mastered skills through written and performance tasks.

Scaffolding requires the teachers to become innovative in such a way that they will be able to plan and implement learning experiences that will bridge, enhance, enrich and develop the totality of the learners.