School Effectiveness Results To A Healthy School-community Engagement

Joel G. Dizon
Education Program Specialist II

School Effectiveness features transparency, accountability and equality. These well-known attributes of a school ensure positive response, trust and confidence among the people it serves. These narrow down problems and even bridge up the gaps between and among the school and its stakeholders.

Apparently, school systems become more open for shared decision-making points where everyone as part of the organization actively engages with the school projects and programs. At this point, everybody is responsible and accountable with the school processes. In the system like this, school head plays a vital role to manage all the resources, both human and material, and the rest shall even support and share in the success of the goals.

Transparency is a crucial part of good governance. The seal of it lies in the transparency where the school through the School Governing Council provides all the reports that everyone must know for financial stability. The school as part of the educational system and processes is governed by the Republic Act 9115 (Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001) that gives directions for academic goals and purpose to accomplish educational targets vis-à-vis educational accomplishments. School Effectiveness strengthens this in the account of every member in the school organization.

Accountability deals with the people armed with initiative and strong will to serve and share for the welfare of our learners. As always said, great power requires great responsibility. If all the members are given equal tasks and are empowered effectively, school can even make all the possible means for greater accomplishments. This only means a healthy working relationships require strong ties between and among members to understand well the positive results of working as one.

Truly, school effectiveness requires the best qualities of a school leader who will lead the school and community for the welfare of the learners. Hitting the mark of success is not that easy and its journey may even have setbacks but if everyone in the system is empowered, there will be a sweet victory at the end.