Setting The Standards

Head Teacher I
San Antonio Integrated School
May 7, 2018

Gearing forward to another school year, a way to start with it is to consider a reflective evaluation of personal and professional undertakings. As an educator, be it in the frontline as a teacher, or as an administrator leading the school operations, one has to look back to identify what has been practiced at its best and identify stuff needing improvement. Primarily, the educator has to start with oneself prior to the systems, structures, curriculum, linkages and endeavors related to performing his or her duties and obligations.

Professionally, the aims of the recent National Adoption and Implementation of the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers ( DepEd Order No. 42, s. 2017) can be best taken as foundational framework in determining the teachers’ directions for the next couple of years. These aims are “(a) set out clear expectations of teachers along well-defined career stages of professional development from beginning to distinguished practice; (b) engage teachers to actively embrace a continuing effort in attaining proficiency; and (c) apply a uniform measure to assess teacher performance, identify needs, and provide support for professional development.”

Practically, the teacher may assess how he or she has updated his or her repository of knowledge and skills with the conglomeration of 21st century information technology – driven civilization. Updating oneself can be in the context of creativity and innovations. One cannot be complacent and be dependent with the stocked knowledge and skills. The current culture of “anything is accessible and available over the Internet” is one easy step to advance in knowledge and skills. However, this requires intensive scrutiny of data as per its authenticity and truthfulness, as against acquiring fake and unverifiable information.

Other means that one has to check is attendance to seminars and trainings, as well as enrolling in graduate and post graduate studies. Aside from the benefit that this can bring to promotions and reclassification, going back to formal schooling is an opportunity to deepen and broaden competencies plus meeting and extending networks of friends and professional colleagues.

On the other hand, personal development is also needing nurturance after a year of demanding and laborious completion of tasks and duties of taking care the growth of the learners. Yes, it is normally draining. The immediate recourse is to recharge and get in touch again with the core of one’s being. This refers to renewing basic values and belief system that guides the person in making decisions, taking actions and conducting oneself in daily life.

Practically, one can attend psycho-spiritual gatherings, read or watch motivational and inspirational materials, or just simply spend moments of solitude. As this one is very relative and personal to an individual, the goal is to restore enough psycho-spiritual energy that would serve as inner strength in handling the challenges and tasks of another school year to come.

In moving on, standards are set, geared towards achieving another fruitful and exemplary year ahead.