Strong Enablers For The Teachers To Become Top Performers

Teacher III

Educating 21st century learners is never an easy task. Being an educator requires both personal and professional competencies. These are the factors that will enable them to cater all the learner’s essential needs. Mostly, teachers should clearly identify what are the forces that will drive them to become meaningful and productive.  These must come from within to actively serve their purpose and achieve triumph in the field of education.

First educator’s enabler is that they should have a heart. A heart full of love to educate the young. That even they are experiencing challenges and problems in terms of personal and professional aspects, they are doing whatever they can do to pour knowledge, enhance and enrich the skills and inculcate positive values within the learners. Heart full of love to be an agent of change. Touching and changing learner’s life is the most productive and functional service teachers can serve. Guiding them to build positive perception and enabling them to apply right actions in everyday life situations will give them great tendency to achieve success. Teachers will not change the positivity that the learners possessed, but they are existing to erase negative ideas and the possibilities of the application inhumane actions. Teachers must be served as moral and intellectual models to be idolized and adapted. Having a heart full of love to touch. Touching through their soft hands to the learners’ vulnerable hearts. This will be demonstrated through consistent expressions of love, care, sympathy and empathy. Being a strong fortress to support them in whatever actions that will contribute to their achievement, contentment and satisfaction.

Hope as educators’ enabler, it is having great passion and dedication in teaching. Hope for the system and learner’s development. Having a deep realization in the existing system of education. Resist negativity and accept changes for development. Hoping in enriching minds and skills of the learners through identification of their weaknesses turning to their strengths for application to help their fellow learners to acquire best performance and achievement. Hoping for enhancement. To identify the positive impacts of existing educational operations and management. Teachers must not be existing to enumerate the flaws of the department rather they should be the bridges who are reaching out and extending their arms and hands for their individual contributions that will greatly help in progress and development in the system of education.

Help is the word that must be put into action. Helping the learners to develop academically, socially, emotionally, spiritually and morally. Developing people who do not only possessed the required knowledge and skills but also shall demonstrating strong moral obligations in their home, to the school and in the community. Helping the community to develop lifelong learners to contribute in the country and to the world. Raising productive people who will work hand and hand to achieve collective goals and objectives. Helping the parents. Contributing in every home by ensuring that young members of the family will possess good manners and right conduct. To stress that good attitude and values will be formed first in the basic unit of the community in their home, with their family and must enhance and apply in the school and in the society.

These enablers will dictate the positive flow of ideas that will bring fruitful effects in actions. To serve with strong passion and dedication to achieve the general goals and objectives of education.