Supreme Pupil/Student Government – Automated Election System (SPG/SSG-AES)

In recognizing the significant role and contributions of the Supreme Pupil
Government (SPG) and Supreme Student Government (SSG) in the schools and under
the Student Governments Program (SGP), the Department of Education (DepEd) issued
DepEd Order 47, s. 2014, otherwise known as the “Constitution and By-Laws of the
Supreme Pupil Government in Elementary Schools and the Supreme Student
Government in Secondary Schools”.
The Supreme Pupil Government / Supreme Student Government (SPG / SSG) is
founded on the principles of participatory, democracy, responsible servant – leadership,
collaboration, unity, accountability and efficiency in serving the student body.
The SPG / SSG is committed to put these values, principles and ideals into action
through academic, socio-civic, leadership programs, and activities.
Election of officers before is conducted manually and it takes time during the
counting of votes. The Information and Communications Technology Service (ICTS), in
partnership with the Youth Formation Division, developed the Automated Election
The Division Information Technology Officers and the Youth Formation
Coordinators were tasked to work collaboratively to ensure the smooth implementation
of the elections in pilot schools. The Schools Division Office of Science City of Munoz
has identified the Mapangpang Elementary School in the elementary level and San
Antonio Integrated School in the secondary level respectively.
The schools selected have a functional computer laboratory or devices that are
connected to the same network. The school ICT Coordinators, as the System
Administrator, assist the school COMELEC, pupils and students during the elections.
The designated COMELEC personnel will input the personal details of the pupils
and students on the system. To access the system, the Learner Reference Number (LRN)
will be the username while the password is computer generated. The COMELEC have
the privilege to access the voters list, party list, candidate list, the voter who has not yet
vote, the voters who have already voted, and the official result of the election.
The synchronized elections on pilot schools all over the Philippines was set on
February 14, 2020. Generally, the result of the elections was successful and ready to be
implemented in all schools nationwide next year.