Surprisingly, We can

We’re all taken by surprise with the immediate widespread of COVID-19
pandemic. None of us were ready fighting an unseen enemy. Many sectors were
paralyzed including ours, but we need to stand and continue with our life.
It was midst March last year (2020) that the government placed the island
of Luzon under the strict Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), without any
questions school doors either public or private were immediately put into halt its
operations including the much-awaited yearly commencement exercises.
Shockingly, we need to comply.

The suspension of face-to-face interaction and the implementation of an
appropriate learning modalities in different division. Pave the way for upskilling
teachers to write self-learning modules to suffice the need of learning as part of
the continuity plan.

It was then that the selection of possible teacher/writer in every learning
area were identified as suggested by the respective school heads. Many of us
were astonished to be included in the list.

Hesitant at first but we accepted the challenge not because we are fully
equipped but because we need to, “Para sa Bata, Para sa Bayan.”
We have doubted our ability because we do not have enough formal
training about it, and it would be our first time writing a learning material. Not
until, we found the joy and fulfillment after finishing the first module.
Every step in the whole process is like unlocking closed doors and
revealing new skills. We never imagined that we could hurdle the first obstacle
that is to believe our ability.

Teaching subject for several years is not a guarantee that we can write
easily. Writing is far different from lecturing and teaching because you need toconsider a lot of things, like copyright infringement, plagiarism and even the photos and illustrations that you need to insert. It weighs a lot.
We can insert in the module about localization and contextualization
highlighting the beauty of our beloved city. Having in mind that whoever will
read this material will also find the same joy and fulfillment.
Every story and illustration are a byproduct of thorough imaginations and
contemplations that would help the learners understand the concept. We can
feel that we are just standing in front of my learners using conversational
language to facilitate learning.

The inclusion of bible verses could also be an important thing to consider
when writing a module to integrate moral practices that would make learners
better persons. It has to be significantly related to the topic and not for the sake
of including it without a sense at all. Inculcating the value laden teaching
approach in the module would benefit not only the mind but also the heart and
soul of our learners.

The whole process was indeed a blessing! Yes, at first it was really difficult,
but you’ll be surprise you can do it.