Teachers Are On The Go Again

By Jocelyn R. De Guzman

The school year has begun and our hardworking teachers are once again on the go. In fact , except for months of being locked down, they’re back to work and have been attending series of webinars and other developmental program to upgrade their knowledge for the implementation of distance or remote learning to be delivered in various ways including online, television, radio and the printed modules .

The time the students are on vacation, while they are playing and busy doing their things, teachers are still working and even harder in this time of epidemic because of the many tasks given to them. From developing learning materials to printing of numerous modules for their pupils.

Teaching is one of the noblest professions for it requires a gift of self. Teachers draw their inspiration from Christ, the greatest teacher of all time. What makes a great teacher is not the extraordinary intelligence and great wisdom, instead , the patience ,kindness, generosity, understanding and compassion, these make a good teacher.

Most often , teachers are taken for granted. Little do we realize the sacrifices and heartaches they undergo day in and day out. The rewards of teaching are not in material compensation, because as we all know, teachers could make much more working in the corporate world , but in the light of their student’s eyes as they learn new concepts and ideas.

Here in the Philippines, teachers serve not only the children but also the country as a whole particularly during elections. They toiled day and night canvassing the polls, sometimes through brownouts, with only flashlights to help them as they tallied the votes. Truly, they are the heroes and heroines of modern times.

Teachers deserve to be honoured and remembered in a special way for the service they render so unselfishly. We owe who we are and whateverachievement we have in no small measures to the influence of our mentors during our formative years, to our beloved TEACHERS.