Teaching Is a Noble Profession

Randy F. Del Rosario
Teacher III
Munoz National High School – Annex

There are many reasons why people looked down on those who are engaged in teaching profession. Maybe because they are comparing the salary of the teachers with that of the other professions. But most detractors do not know the value and benefits of being an educator.

Teachers became teachers because they learned not only to love their works and sacrifices behind it, but also they enjoy being with their students – the young people whom they perceived to be the future of the nation. Teachers want to be part of their students’ success someday and to be servants of the country in their most humble way.

The talents, skills and attitude of teachers are vital in the teaching-learning development. A teacher has the heart, mind and soul to understand a child’s outburst of emotions and problems in any given circumstances. As an educator, a teacher must not feel the exhaustion in dealing with the daily routine of activities but instead find every day as a new challenge and a new experience.

The country’s future will be brighter if the youths will be prepared in a way that they can handle different problems that the society will offer. And the process of molding the future leaders will not be easy as it looks like. It needs a special breed of people who will stand with them side-by-side and guide them until they reach their full potentials and be as productive as they should be. It needs someone with a good heart, considerate and is willing to be a good shepherd. This is where the noble profession of teaching comes in.

“There is no wealth in teaching.” No one gets rich in teaching unless he/she comes from a very rich family before engaging in the field of teaching or he/she has other sources of income. But the teachers are greatly rewarded for their selfless acts of service when they see their students achieved their dreams and aspirations in life; when they see their students being successful in their chosen field. And most especially, when they see their students inculcate in the hearts and minds the value of humanity, integrity, nationalism, honesty and fear of God. Those are the intangible rewards of teaching which cannot be equated nor equalled by money or any riches.

With these facts, therefore, one should be proud because he/she is a teacher. No one should degrade teaching profession, instead look at it as the top of all professions for they continue to guide the youths and serve as agents of transformation. Therefore, teachers must continue to be honest and hardworking in performing their jobs. They must continue to be selfless and patriotic and must encourage everybody to work as one for the betterment of the country. Everybody must STAND for education… Tayo, tayo para sa edukasyon.