Teaching Reality

Geraldine E. Patacsil

Administrative Aide VI

Every classroom has diverse students with different behaviors and characteristics. How does the teacher handle it? It takes courage and perseverance to become a modern world teacher.

The four dimensions of the classrooms contains various personality of t he learners. Some say being a teacher is easy. But in reality, being a teacher is not merely teaching subjects but you will stand in front of the students that will somehow imitate what you are doing and always believe what you are saying and what you are capable of. Teachers need to hone their students to become globally capable in their future endeavor. You need to wholeheartedly accept the consequences of being a teacher before you enter the profession.

“Teaching is the noblest profession”, is already c liché, but the meaning of it determines the passion of every noble teacher. It is not easy to think of a daily motivation just to keep your student interested in your class to prepare instructional materials that would catch your students attention, to che ck piles of quizzes and activities and to worry where your students complain about their grades. A teacher should understand every action of the students, gesture and how they speak. Teachers should teach them how to be a good citizen. But, how is this pos sible if the students nowadays are already hardheaded? Courage, perseverance, tolerance and passion are the things that an educator should develop.

A teacher’s sacrifices and efforts should be appreciated and not taken for granted. Teachers should still h ave their stand in all their decisions and somewhat think of their learners’ satisfaction. The gap between the teacher and the students must be determined at all times.